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Are you a strange ranger?
 Do you collect weird things?  Are animals visibly disturbed when you're around?
Maybe you should join The FOO.


The FOO mostly help each other to learn new hobbies: game making, polymer clay, making your own beer, and much weirder activities.  Members of the FOO also help Oddhobby to find stories, products, art, and  people that belong here on the Oddhobby site. 

The FOO get rewarded for their suggestions.

When you join "FOO" you become eligible for discounts on nifty collectibles, and FREE stuff.  NO!! You don't have to buy or sell anything to join.



Can I remain anonymous?

Is it Free?

No Tricks,
No Scams
No Junk Mail



 We need your ideas to help build the FOO...      

  ...what Kind of FOO are YOU?


 So far the following FOO types have been suggested:

  (15) Dark FOO  -  For those into Vampires etc. 

   (3) Goth FOO  -  The House of FOO

   (2) Wicca FOO -  Hi Willow!

   (8) Pagan FOO  -  Bob bless you!

   (11) Techie, Nerd or Geek FOO  - Hackers and crackers oh my!

   (14) Non-Sequitur FOO - Cheese boots & rusty lipstick

   (1)  Craft FOO - They make fabulous trinkets that attract dust.

  (23) Couch Potato FOO

  (88) Anonymous,  Silent or Lurker  FOO - They send in ideas, but   they just don't like being on lists. 

Don't be shy, we don't bite.  Our FOO monks are standing by to read your suggestions.





When you contact us, with something of value, you get points*.  The more points you get, the higher up the "FOO chain" you go.


 Suggested Point Reward System*

  • Maintain a FOO member site (with a link to Oddhobby)             

  • Add an Oddhobby link to your "non-FOO" site                       
  • Tell us about an odd event in your area                                
     Pictures of you in an Oddhobby T-Shirt (at a weird event)     
  • Subscribe to Oddhobby newsletter -                                                      
    Suggest a contest or a contest prize                                   
  • Tell a friend about FOO                                                      
  • What should be in our membership kit?                                 
  • Completing the weekly mini survey                                      
  • Artwork, or other contribution to the Oddhobby site            
  • Tell us about a fan club that belongs on Oddhobby

    We do not send spam email, and we do not sell our lists


  • To join simply send an email to:

  • Hobby master  (one word) at oddhobby.com

* the point system subject to change without notice
we need your suggestions


100 pts
25 pts
15 pts
25 pts
25 pts

  10 pts
 25 pts
10 pts
15 pts
100 pts
10 pts







 Strange Rangers:
  We Need Your Help!


Looking for FOO member pages?


"Share what you  know, learn what you don't"


Looking for The Smart Beep (fart) commercial?

Brain Meat Wanted!      


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