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Read what these Net Gods say about Oddhobby's Fan Club, The FOO:

...at last a philosophy to suit both modern man and sassy robot alike.  
Cadmium Flute  06/21/1999 , 3:33  P.M. *

When I invented web pages, this is what I had in mind.   
Al Gore  1/15/1995




Take The FOO test

When you hear the word "moose" you think of

Something about Mary
Hair Goo
light spongy food usually containing cream or gelatin
What the hell is that on his tongue?

Beavis is to Butthead what:

Fred is to Barney
Ren is to Stimpy
Lucy is to Ethel
Ralph is to Norton
Hoochie is to Coochie

Look into your belly button, what do you see?

A tongue
Rainbow colored fuzz
10 gauge wire
Crunchy goodness
Led Zeppelin

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  * There is some debate as to whether he was referring to The FOO or "The Philowankical Manifesto, Last Part"

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